Automation in sales and maintenance

About Autocentrum Jan Šmucler s.r.o.

Autocentrum Jan Šmucler s.r.o. is one of the major players in the car sales and car maintenance market, with several branches in the Czech Republic. Our success comes from a natural desire to push the boundaries and our limits, which has become our DNA and at the same time a necessity in a very competitive environment. Since our beginnings, we have undergone constant development, and from the original family company of 6 employees, our group has expanded to almost 300 employees.

Use-case description and usage of our AutomationDock tool

In general, the increase in routine activities that need to be completed on a daily basis but belong to the support activities that do not bring added value, led us to automation. Instead of expanding personnel in this area, we are trying to automate processes and use our personnel’s capacities for business and service related activities.

We chose AutomationDock because of the user-friendly process definition, which is implemented within the commonly known MS Excel application. We see the possibility of defining processes even by a user without previous experience with automation as a significant advantage. We have had very good previous experience with the sales representative Mr. Černý which with the conjunction with excellent onboarding and support by Mr. Král contributed to the establishment of cooperation with AutomationDock.

Feedback on AutomationDock and its benefits

We currently use the AutomationDock product to transfer data between different systems where, for certain reasons, it does not make economic sense, or it is not possible to establish a stronger connection – interface. Thanks to the possibility of access from the user’s point of view, the activity is natural and straightforward. By deploying the tool on the first three processes, we save approx. 30 hours of a regular worker’s time per month, while we use only 4% of the virtual worker’s time capacity.

AutomationDock allows us to save time that we can devote to customers and partners.

Download Automation Dock

Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free Automation Dock trial. No additional downloads required.

Download Automation Dock
Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free AutomationDock trial. No additional downloads required.