How does RPA efficiently improve accounting?


In the accounting department, each minute matters. Looking for ways to efficiently manage routine tasks and free up time for strategic activities is essential to staying competitive. With software robotic process automation (RPA), you gain time for skilled staff and minimize errors to almost zero. With RPA, there is no need to leave existing software or change processes. RPA can automatically perform many tasks, even communicate with authorities without human involvement.

Automation is quick and easy to implement, for use with common accounting programs and less common applications. Thanks to automation, you can easily integrate internal systems and platforms of external institutions. You can use the time saved for specialist activities or to strengthen your core business.


Five processes ideal for automation with RPA


  1. Bank statement: set up automatic downloading and matching before the arrival of the responsible employee, who can smoothly follow up with other processes.
  2. Verification of billing data and invoicing: RPA quickly and reliably verifies data and generates invoices, significantly shortening the entire process.
  3. Shipping instructions for paid orders.
  4. VAT control declaration: Completion and submission without delays and errors, including saving of confirmation.
  5. Sending reminders to customers in overdue payments: Regularly checking payment deadlines is often time-consuming. With RPA, you can send reminders to overdue receivables according to predetermined rules and schedules.


Bonus example for companies with e-shops: Thanks to RPA, you will no longer have to manually export data from your e-shop to your accounting software, and you will have a real-time overview of your inventory.

You can see the savings resulting from the automation of VAT filing in the reference of Process Solutions.


Let us know how you will use the time saved by automation:

  • intensify communication with customers and solution of their needs
  • focus on data analytics
  • launch a project that has been putt off until now


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Download Automation Dock
Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free AutomationDock trial. No additional downloads required.