Optimization of internal processes with RPA.

It’s all about people, but robots can play an equally significant role.

Stop wasting your employees’ potential. Every company struggles with routine tasks that consume a considerable portion of working time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software makes it easy to eliminate these repetitive tasks, freeing up employee capacity for more productive activities. Automation gives you error-free results in seconds, eliminating manual processing for tens of minutes. Management and employees alike will appreciate the new capabilities. Optimizing internal company processes with RPA will help increase competitiveness.

RPA enables replication of human activities with greater efficiency. The future benefits of RPA are directly dependent on identifying and setting up processes suitable for automation. Implementing automation requires care and time, and staff capacity is temporarily redirected to business process analysis. Soon, a large part of the automated processes will do without the need for further human intervention. Automated processes are gradually evolving, and businesses are able to automate increasingly complex processes, with robot capacity many times higher than human power.

Key benefits of RPA:

  1. Time savings by speeding up routine processes and eliminating errors and unwanted time delays. The time saved on follow-up by managers is also significant. The time gained can be invested in further growth.
  2. Minimising and often completely eliminating errors arising from manual input such as typos, duplicates or incomplete data.
  3. Increase company capacity. The robot can quickly and efficiently process increasing volumes of work and transactions, even where human capacity may reach its limits. Therefore, administration does not hinder further growth of the company, which can be realized without the need to hire new employees.


You can go your own way during the implementation process and not be limited to the most common use of RPA for payment matching and invoicing, but also for filling out third-party forms, for example. In our references you can see how diverse the automation processes are, which are not only limited to internal processes, but are also applied to communication with authorities, as evidenced by the UNIQA references.

Have you already considered which process you want to start automating? Download the free trial version or contact us with your specific requirements.

Gain control over your processes and maximize your company’s efficiency with RPA.

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Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free AutomationDock trial. No additional downloads required.