Automation of screening in registers


UNIQA CZ/SK is a life and non-life insurance company operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are part of the UNIQA group, which operates in 18 European countries. We are in 5th place in CZ and 4th in SK. In addition, after the recent acquisition of AXA’s activities in Central and Eastern Europe, UNIQA also entered the field of pension insurance and investments. Overall, UNIQA is home to 2.6 million clients in CZ/SK and a workplace for more than 1,000 employees.

Automation screening and checking of clients in public registries with AutomationDock

The process of screening and vetting potential corporate clients for an insurance company is how we select reliable and suitable clients for our insurance. We examine the financial stability, health, history and other relevant factors of potential clients. What follows is an assessment and evaluation of this information. Based on the pre-specified criteria, we assess whether the potential clients are suitable for us and whether there is any risk associated with them. The whole process is important for ensuring that we work with quality and reliable corporate clients who will be satisfied with our insurances and want to work with us in the long term.

Manual control is done in 3 public registers and an internal report. Using AutomationDock, we can automate the search and acquisition of the information in each registry. Using VBA, we connect directly to the source database. Once the automation is finished, the internal user has all data of the clients and can focus on assessing the financial health of a potential client.

Feedback on AutomationDock and its benefits from a developer's perspective

Automation Dock is a great plugin for MS Excel that simplifies and speeds up the work with routine tasks and simple processes. The user can create functional solutions without the knowledge of programming languages, using only an intuitive graphical interface. Thanks to the possible combination with other tools (RegEx, SQL, VBA,…), AutomationDock RDA represents a tool with a high degree of flexibility and functionality, which allows you to respond adequately to complex requirements. We noticed a small disadvantage of this tool only when handling multiple applications in recovery, so it can be difficult to keep track of the entire process. However, this is a small price to pay for flexibility and efficiency. The supplier is extremely fast and willing to help with any problems when needed.

Download Automation Dock

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Download Automation Dock
Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free AutomationDock trial. No additional downloads required.