Robotic Process Automation is cornerstone of an efficient company

On Thursday, October 12th, we participated in the tenth annual IT for FINANCE conference organized by the Czech Association for Financial Management (CAFIN).

At the AutomationDock booth, visitors could ask questions about robotic process automation. Our experienced sales representative with expert insight, David Černý, along with RPA developer Kryštof Šimána, formed a well-coordinated tandem, providing detailed and understandable answers. 

The presentation “Robotic Process Automation is the cornerstone of an efficient company, don’t be afraid to harness more with ChatGPT,” prepared by Zdeněk Kabátek with extensive RPA experience on three continents, received exceptional feedback. We also invited our client, This OneGabriela Kreidlová‘s presentation of specific automations for common processes faced by most accounting, financial, and controlling departments sparked interest in the announced benefits. AutomationDock can easily handle processes such as processing bank statements, generating VAT invoices, or preparing data for annual financial statements, onboarding new clients, or preparing data for invoicing.

We thank the organizers for this informative meeting and are already looking forward to the continuation of IT for FINANCE. 

Once again, we have confirmed that the topic of process automation resonates. There are still many companies looking for a way to reduce errors and save time, unaware that the solution is quickly and easily accessible. Identifying processes and setting up the first automations is a matter of just a few days. Why not harness the potential of your employees for professional activities and further company development, especially when a no-code solution is available even in companies without an IT department, as it can be set up by an ordinary PC user. You can read the personal experiences of our clients in the references.

This time, five lucky individuals who we drew have shortened their path to knowledge and received a monthly license for AutomationDock, including the identification of suitable processes for automation.

Process Automation remains a significant challenge that many companies are yet to face. Don’t hesitate to join us in spreading awareness and share our message.

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Download Automation Dock
Please provide your name and email to download a 14-day free AutomationDock trial. No additional downloads required.